Quick Tip: Adobe Illustrator Clean up

In this quick tip, we will be discussing about one of the powerful options of Adobe Illustrator, i.e. Clean up. Clean up option, as the name suggests, is used to clean up your file by removing unwanted and unused objects from it. Illustrator Clean up is one of the most overlooked options in Adobe Illustrator that can save lots of time and manual work. With the help of Clean up, you can get rid of those unwanted stray points, unpainted objects and empty text paths.


adobe illustrator Clean up

First of all, let’s first explain what Stray points, Empty text paths and unpainted objects are in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Stray points
    Stray points include empty text elements (normal text but not the path) and some points that are most probably created by mistake while using Pen Tool or Brush tool.
  • Empty text paths
    Empty text paths are some text elements and text paths without text characters.
  • Unpainted Objects
    Objects without Fill and stroke colors.

Note: If we deselect these objects they become invisible so it’s too difficult for us to spot and remove these unwanted objects from our file manually.


adobe illustrator Clean up

We can see these objects in Outline view/mode (Ctrl + Y) but if you are working with some complex artwork having lots of stuff in it then Outline view/mode will not going to work for you.

Step 3

adobe illustrator Clean up

Clean up is the best and the fastest way to remove all the garbage and unwanted stuff from your file.
To remove these objects, just go to Object » Path » Clean Up… it will bring up the Clean up dialog. Select the items that you want to remove from your file and click OK. Now, all these unused objects are removed from your file.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip. Add this tip to your workflow to make it faster and technically strong. Good Luck