20+ Best Websites to download free Textures

Textures and patterns have their own importance in the process of creation and designing. Many people think that 3d artists and game designers are the only ones who work with textures and patterns for surfacing the 3d geometries and assets. Actually, artists who work with 2d like concept designers and digital painters also play with textures to add some nice and crispy details to their art.

Using textures can push your design more closer to the reality and turn your art into more interesting and flashy piece.

There are many websites on the internet that feature different types of textures. But its not always easy to find the good source, so here, I’ve compiled a list of some best texture websites that you should visit and take advantage from their free resources.

  1. Textures


    This awesome website has a huge database of various high quality textures, 3d scans and PBR textures. You can browse through various texture categories and download them within the given quota. You need a Premium account to access the full content of the site.

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  2. 3D Jungle

    3D Jungle

    3D Jungle offers over 5k+ high quality tileable textures of wide variety of elements and surfaces like leather, bricks, wood and many more. Besides textures, this amazing website also provides more than 6K stunning 3d models that you can use in your projects.

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  3. Texturer


    Its a good service for free and high quality textures with a clean and easy to navigate interface. You can download textures, references and panoramas from this great website.

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  4. Texturez


    A neat and clean website with a large category of different textures. Each texture thumbnail has information about on which date it has been added and what size the original texture image file has. You also have the option to have a look at a low-res preview image or full size texture image itself.

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  5. Mayang


    Mayang is another great texture library with over 4000 free high resolution textures to download. You may download the textures one-by-one for free, but it also offers you to purchase the whole set of texture at once.

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  6. 1000skies

    1000 Skies

    As the name suggests, this website offers wide variety of Sky textures and images that can be used to create skydomes or cubemaps. You can download partial as well as full 360 sky images from 1000skies.

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  1. Lugher Texture

    Lugher Texture

    It has an amazing variety of textures that you would love to explore. Every single texture is very detailed and nicely captured. You can easily use them for your projects without much tweaks.

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  2. Amazing Textures

    Amazing Textures

    Amazing Textures offers you to browse through its various categories that contain textures related to urban (buildings, gates, interiors), misc (clothing, books, food) and nature elements.

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  3. Arrowway Textures

    Arrow Way Textures

    Arrow Way is offering some great and professional looking texture pack DVDs including some additional maps like bump, specular, normal maps and material settings.

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  4. Texture Library

    Texture Library

    Its a very simple website with minimalistic layout. All the texture categories are on the homepage, so you can easily go through the one you want.

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  5. Texture Portal

    Texture Portal

    Texture portal has a great collection of high quality seamless textures with additional normal, bump and specular maps. You can download the preview of the texture packs before purchasing them.

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  6. The Texture Mill

    Texture Mill

    Texture Mill has over 5000 high quality texture images with amazing detail level that you would love to use in your projects.

    This great website provides a utility with a simple UI that allows you to make hue, saturation, brightness-contrast adjustments without making use of the Adobe Photoshop. It is also available as a plugin for Maya and Blender.

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  7. Texture Works

    Texture Works

    Texture Works is another awesome place which offers a good amount of free textures and time lapse skies. If you want more detailed and quality textures then you may purchase the available texture packs.

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  8. Grunge Textures

    Grunge Textures

    Texture Works is another awesome place which offers a good amount of free textures and time lapse skies. If you want more detailed and quality textures then you may purchase the available texture packs.

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  9. Tony Textures

    Tony Textures

    This great website has over 4000 awesome textures for free. This site also offers some nice texture bundles that you would like to use in you projects. It is a very useful site for those who deal with archviz. projects.

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  10. Zen Textures

    Zen Textures

    Another great database of over 400 texture images. You can either download them one by one or purchase the entire collection for $29.

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  11. Fudge Graphics

    Fudge Graphics

    Fudge Graphics has some really cool texture packs that can be downloaded for free.

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  12. Abduzeedo


    Abduzeedo publishes amazingly detailed and high quality texture images every Tuesday. Check the link given below to grab all of those awesome textures.

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  13. Texture Mate

    Texture Mate

    This website is another great source for free textures and patterns. You can also download the available packs for free rather than browsing each texture image.

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  14. Lost and Taken

    Lost and Taken

    Lost and Taken has lots of free textures that can be used for personal as well as commercial projects. You have a ton of textures and over 30 categories to browse through.

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  15. Free Texture Site

    Free Texture Site

    This great website has over 600 free texture images that can be used for commercial as well as personal purposes.

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  16. 3d Texture

    3d Texture

    It is a big archive of more than 800 high quality textures where you can browse through the top images, new images or simply go through the given categories.

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That’s all folks, I hope you enjoyed this list. If you find any of these sites useful and have used their content then you may say thanks by giving them some credits. Have fun with texturing!