80+ Creative Brochure Designs for your Inspiration

In this growing world of electronic media, Print media is still considered as a big and strong medium to spread information. Its the traditional way to spread the word by means of print ads, pamphlets, booklets, brochures etc.

Print media is an inexpensive and the most common way to advertise or spread information. Thankfully, we still have the tradition alive, as print magazines and brochures are widely used to say the story.

Print Media has numerous amount of elements; one of those is Brochure. A Brochure is a simple pamphlet or flyer that contains information about a brand, a product or a company.
The artists in the print media try to create a unique design for their brochures as design is one of the major thing and should be interesting and eye catchy to captivate the reader’s attention.

These are some example of great brochure designing created by some very creative artists. Have a look and get inspired. Enjoy!

  1. Hotel Book Fedrigoni

    Hotel Book Fedrigoni

  2. Hexagon


  3. MotorCity


  4. Matchbook


  5. Company Folders Brochure

    Company Folders Brochure

  6. Cancer Society

  7. Concresur Corporate Brochure

    Concresur Corporate Brochure

  8. Brochure de Statistiques

    Brochure de Statistiques

  9. Highland Brochure

    Highland Brochure

  10. Hotel Book Fedrigoni #2

    Hotel Book Fedrigoni

  11. Iconomaque


  12. Green Can

    Green Can

  13. Sunarc Identity

    Sunarc Identity

  14. Square Accordion

    Square Accordion

  15. Contemporary Slovenian Writers

    Contemporary Slovenian Writers

  16. Ted Prize

    Ted Prize

  17. CM Brochure

    CM Brochure

  18. Triangular Folding Brochure

    Triangular Folding Brochure

  19. UCSF mount Zion

    UCSF mount Zion

  20. Tessuto Fashion

    Tessuto Fashion

  21. Adidas


  22. Acorn Family of Companies

    Acorn Family of Companies

  23. Xue Xue Awards

    Xue Xue Awards

  24. That’s Impressive

    That's Impressive

  25. Christmas Style Brochure

    Christmas Style Brochure

  26. Spiral


  27. Australia Travels

    Australia Travels

  28. ERP Systems

    ERP Systems

  29. BC Ferries Amenities Brochure

    BC Ferries Amenities

  30. Audi


  31. Antidote


  32. IBM Latin America Sales Force

    IBM Latin America Sales Force

  33. Liquid Paper

    Liquid Paper

  34. Xceed


  35. Atmosphere Corporate Brochure

    Atmosphere Corporate Brochure

  36. Altus


  37. Hamlet


  38. Volkeswagen


  39. Ozlab Fun Factory Logo e Brochure

    Ozlab Fun Factory Logo e Brochure

  40. Plegadizo Cultura Educativa

    Plegadizo Cultura Educativa

  41. Boxies


  42. Spencers Crossing

    Spencers Crossing

  43. Timken


  44. Jova Health

    Jova Health

  45. Lighten Style

    Lighten Style

  46. Repertory Season

    Repertory Season

  47. Budapest Architecture Film Festival

    Budapest Architecture Film Festival

  48. V&A Maps

    V&A Maps

  49. Ocean Rescue

    Ocean Rescue

  50. The Fish Market

    The Fish Market

  51. Redbox


  52. Vertex Climbing Store

    Vertex Climbing Store

  53. Pop-up Nut Cracker Brochure

    Pop-up Nut Cracker Brochure

  54. Sharq Market Brochure

    Sharq Market Brochure

  55. Media Booklet

    Media Booklet

  56. Yahoo Search Marketing

    Yahoo Search Marketing

  57. Folded Brochure

    Folded Brochure

  58. Duotone Multi Fold Brochure

    Duotone Multi Fold Brochure

  59. Nick Cave Heavyweight Alterskins

    Nick Cave Heavyweight Alterskins

  60. BR6


  61. All About Women

    All About Women

  62. San Martino Company Profile

    San Martino Company Profile

  63. Snowboard’s History

    Snowboard's History

  64. Hijjas Kasturi Associates

    Hijjas Kasturi Associates

  65. Rhythm


  66. University of Arts, London (UAL)

    University of Arts, London (UAL)

  67. Buy Servistar

    Buy Servistar

  68. Sydney Opera House 40th Anniversary

    Sydney Opera House 40th Anniversary

  69. Business Objects

    Business Objects

  70. Ground Flights Sales Kit

    Ground Flights Sales Kit

  71. Tourist Guide

    Tourist Guide

  72. Windows Solutions

    Windows Solutions

  73. Wall Street Historical Booklet

    Wall Street Historical Booklet

  74. Go All Out

    Go All Out

  75. Mosaic Associates Architects

    Mosaic Associates Architects

  76. Conference Branding

    Conference Branding

  77. Vespa


  78. Fabrication


  79. Fakhoora Laser Die cut Brochure

    akhoora Laser Die cut Brochure

  80. Southern Colour

    Southern Colour

  81. Molto Piano

    Molto Piano

  82. IAG Reconciliation Action Plan

    IAG Reconciliation Action Plan

  83. Chillie’s