How to Copy paste motion in Flash?

Sometimes we want the same motion of the two or more objects in Flash which may differ in shape. For example I have a bouncing ball animation and I want the exact same motion for a box. Some people create it from scratch but no need to create it from scratch, all we want to do is just use these options. Many Flash users are unaware of the power of these options. These options are quite handy if you want to copy and paste your animation from one object to other or want motion information / data of an object as actionscript. Using these options can save a lot of time and gives you the accurate results.

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to copy motion of an object using Copy motion and Copy motion as actionscript 3.0 options.

copy paste motion in flash

So let’s get started with some simple animation. Here I have a simple bouncing animation to demonstrate how Copy and Paste motion works.

Copy Paste motion in Flash: Copy motion

copy paste motion in flash

Ok, we are attempting to copy the motion data of our box to that letter. So first we have to select the box and grab all the frames that contain the animation then right click and click on Copy motion. Now select the letter, Right Click on Timeline and click on Paste motion. Now the text letter has the exact same motion as our box.

copy paste motion in flash

Copy-paste motion option copy-pastes the keyframe data from one object to another.

Note: Before starting, please make sure that both the objects are on separate layers or documents.

Copy Paste motion in Flash: Copy motion as actionscript 3.0

Step 1

copy paste motion in flash

Copy motion as actionscript copies the motion data of an object as actionscript 3.0. In order to use this option you have to first select all the frames of your animation then right click > Copy motion as actionscript 3.0. A prompt will appear asking for an instance name to be used in actionscript. Give it an instance name whatever you want. I am using “bounce” as instance name.

Step 2

copy paste motion in flash

Create a new flash file (actionscript 3.0) then create an object and convert it to Symbol (Movie clip) by pressing F8 on you keyboard. Now, go to Properties panel and under instance name field, enter the same instance name that you used earlier.

Step 3

copy paste motion in flash

Select your object and press F9 on your keyboard to bring up the Actions panel. Now paste the actionscript in Actions panel and test your movie by pressing Ctrl+ Enter on your keyboard. That’s it, now the same motion is pasted to the object.

Hope you find this tutorial useful. If you have any problem regarding this tutorial, just leave your comment or drop me an email. Thanks.