How to: Create an Amazing Artistic Business Card

A tutorial guide that covers the fundamentals of creating elegant and professional looking, artistic business cards.

Many designers live in a strange paradox: they love making art and hate networking. The only problem is, you have to network to find the clients who will hire you to make the art. It’s a conundrum that’s frustrated designers for decades, and according to the business card design services team at, there’s only one thing to do: use art to network.

You can turn your artwork into an amazing networking tool when you customize your business card. Graphic designers can use business cards to show off their awesome illustrations, eye for color, or other specialties. If you’re a web designer, a card that mimics a website’s homepage can help show clients what you do. 3D business cards are also a great option—especially if you’re a 3D designer.

Trying to choose the best way to customize your business card can get a little overwhelming. That’s where this step-by-step guide to custom business cards comes in. It will walk you through the business card design process from start to finish, so you can see exactly how to improve your card.

Create Artistic Business Card