Dribbble logo font in TTF, OTF and Web Font format

List of Dribbble logo look-a-like fonts ready to download for free and premium pricing – alternative Dribbble like fonts.

If you’re searching for the Dribbble logo font for your projects, stop here – that logo is a custom design, which is carved out by the designers specifically for Dribbble. Now, if you’re still going to look for a similar, Dribbble logo like font, I’ve some best choices for you that I’ve covered in the rest of this post.

Dribbble Font
Current logo of Dribbble.com

The current logo of Dribbble is a cursive writing of their brand name. If you look at the web for cursive fonts, there are thousands of such fonts available for money or free. Below is the list of fonts that looks really close to the Dribbble logo:

Premium fonts

  • Wendy Std Bold: This font from Adobe looks almost same as the Dribbble logo. Little bit of anti-clockwise rotation can give you the perfect look-a-like, or may fulfill your project requirements the best. Available as OTF for $29. Get this font here »
    Wendy Std Bold Font
  • Sherbet BF: Another one, but has pretty bold weight as compared to the Dribbble one. Available in different formats from OTF, Web Font to eBook font. Get this font here »
    Sherbet BF Font
  • Mister Brown: Another alternative font, but this one is again little bold in weight. Available in OTF and Web Font formats. Get this font here »
    Mister Brown Font

Free fonts

I had a quick look at the Google Fonts Library for the similar free fonts, and I found a couple of them there. The first one is Sacramento (see here) that gives a neat, modified look of Dribble logo. Below give is it’s preview:

Sacramento Font
Sacramento Font

Pacifico (see here) is the second free font that carries bold weight. Take a look at it’s preview below:

Pacifico Font
Pacifico Font

These two fonts do not look exactly the same as the Dribbble one, but still can fit in your need if you want a free font.


Wendy Std Bold is my recommendation if it’s cost fits in your project’s budget. Else try any one of the two free Google fonts, that are free to be used for any of your personal or commercial projects.