Open / Edit PSD files online without using Adobe Photoshop

All of us generally use Adobe Photoshop or a similar software program on our computers to open and edit PSD files. But there are times when you don’t have Photoshop or alternative software installed, but you still have a PSD to quickly work on. What do you do in such a situation?

Of course, installing a software is not something you would like to do at that time. you would look for an online alternative to do that. How about doing it with the help of an online app?

Online service to open PSD

The best way to treat a PSD without a software program is Pixlr, one of the services by AutoDesk, offering awesome features for free including not only opening and editing PSDs, but a bunch of important services also, like Quick Photo editing tools, Screen Capturing and image uploading and sharing.

Have a look on the features Pixlr editor provides:

  • Supports creating, editing, saving files in JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PXD (Layered Pixlr file format, just like PSD) formats
  • Supports editing Photoshop documents (PSD), but to an extent. You may not apply or edit each and every feature as you do in Photoshop
  • Allows saving created / edited images on your Computer as well as directly to your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or or Pixlr account library.
  • Provides power features like full Photoshop toolbar, time-saving shortcuts, history and undo-redo functions, multilingual support in 23 languages.

Pixlr is also available as a mobile app.

Guide to open / edit PSD files with Pixlr

Head over to Pixlr Editor, which is directly accessible through the main menu after visiting the Pixlr site. This will bring a menu displaying the below options:

Pixlr Editor

Now, to open / edit PSD files from Computer, choose Option #2 that says Open image from your Computer. This will bring a typical file browser diolog, now locate your file and click Open button, your PSD file is now ready for editing.

If you want to create JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF images with Pixlr, you should choose Option 1. You can save your work in PXD format, which is supported and editable at Pixlr only.

Option #3 in the File menu can be used to open images directly from a URL. Option #4 can be utilized by registered Pixlr users only – to open files directly from their Pixlr libraries.

This service is really very useful, especially for the Internet users to create, edit as well as optimize images virtually, just like we do with Photoshop on our Computers. In short, it has provided a virtual alternative to Adobe Photoshop (for sure, it can’t replace Photoshop).

If you are going to use Pixlr and looking for guides, you can check out some useful tutorials on YouTube.

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