FoxRenderFarm: A Review

A short review of FoxRenderfarm services discussing its features and why a render artist should choose it.

If you are an artist you are well aware of the fact that creating an art takes a good amount of time and patience. Be it a concept art, a professional logo, or a finished 3d artwork; we artist follow the standard way i.e. from concept or an idea to blocking out the idea, and finally to the finished masterpiece.

Being a 3d artist, this lengthy process doesn’t bother me at all, what really upsets me is the rendering part.
Rendering becomes a real pain when you are working with a heavy scene and it gets even worse when the scene contains lighting setups, particles, and animated elements.

If you ever tried to render these types of scenes with a regular PC, you might have experienced the crashes during rendering. Not to mention the time it takes to render a single frame. Not a good idea when you have a tight deadline to meet. A living nightmare for an artist, isn’t it? Thanks to Renderfarm technology that rendering such heavy scenes is now a matter of few minutes.

What is a RenderFarm?

A renderfarm is a network of high-end machines that are capable of doing rendering process efficiently and in much lesser time than the normal PCs. Today, you can find number of renderfarms on the internet, perhaps countless but the one I prefer the most is – FoxRenderFarm.

Why FoxRenderFarm?

FOX Renderfarm

The reason is that it is one of the most prestigious renderfarms in the industry, started by the Rayvision Technology which is a global technology company specialized in cloud computing services.

Rayvision has a talented team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the CG industry that serve world’s best animation studios and VFX Companies from over 50 countries. This team includes professionals from many well-known studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Sony etc.

Features of FoxRenderFarm

-Renderdesk App

Through this application you can easily submit your files for rendering just by dragging and dropping. It supports automatic upload and download of scene and image files. It is much easier to locate and analyze any errors with this application.

-Around the clock service

It has a brilliant technical service team that is always there for you.


FoxRenderfarm’s security model is based on the MPAA security standards. It has a highly secured production area and data center with professional hardware firewall.

-High Performance Transmission System

The FoxRenderfarm client utilizes a high performance transmission engine, Aspera for datum transmission. You can use the client to automatically upload and download the files. Aspera engine also encrypts the data during transmission process to ensure the datum security.

It uses cluster-based advanced storage system, so simultaneously loading files into the hundreds of render servers doesn’t have any effect on the performance / loading speed.

It’s Dispatching engine easily handles millions of render jobs and thousands of render nodes. This engine also identifies the plugins in the user files and matches the corresponding nodes automatically.


It automatically detects plugins in your scene and compatible with the industry standard software programs, rendering engines and plugins such as 3ds Max, Maya, Houdini, V-ray, Arnold, RenderMan etc.

There are even more features that you would love to check on their official website. If you are a rendering artist, small studio or a free group of CG artists, I would highly recommend using their service. Register now and you will get 20$ free trial. Thanks!