20+ Free Flat UI Design Kits [PSD]

A list of some stunning Flat UI design kits available for free – downloadable in PSD format – free to use for personal as well as commercial projects.

Flat design is the modern trend of UI designing. Many popular brands and pro individuals have adopted this fresh concept of design on their websites. The very first example of Flat UI was seen in Windows 8 Metro UI, and from that it has covered several aspects and experiments to become familiar to design and non-design people.

If you are planning to revamp your website with a Flat UI design touch, the simplest way to do that is to use a ready-made Flat UI design kit. Well, What is it? It’s just like a framework of design elements that you may use in your new design projects, you only need to drag-drop the elements from the kit to your design and customize them as per your need.

This article is a showcase of some really beautiful and highly usable Flat UI design kits, that are available to you in PSD format. All of them are free to download and you may use them in your personal or commercial projects.

Designmodo’s Flat UI

Designmodo's Free Flat UI kit

This is one of the first UI kit bundles I have been noticing on web and it’s fantastic. It has also become the inspiration of other designers to craft more beautiful and awesome kits. Consists of a good number of color swatches, icons, buttons, type, glyphs, and all the elements you may need to add to your design project.


Free Flat UI Kit by Freepik

Freepik's Flat UI kit

Collaborating with Web Designer Depot, Freepik has designed a cool and pretty Flat UI bundle. The kit showcased the design elements in a modern way, including profile blocks, graphs, maps, newsletter block, price & purchase blocks, as well as icons, videos, file upload and more.


Blog Magazine Flat UI

GraphicBurger's Flat UI kit

If your design work involves creating blog or magazine based layouts, then this design kit is one of the must haves in your tools. The kit consists of basic blog magazine elements like navigation menus, drop-down lists, buttons, icons, subscribe block, a masonry of neatly done content blocks, pagination, calender and form elements. Awesome work by Graphic Burger.


Vertical Infinity

Vertical Infinity UI Kit

Another great kit by CSS Author, consisting of a number of beautifully created UI elements including profile blocks, videos, navigation, forms, calenders, sliders, pagination, and more. An easily manageable retina optimized UI kit.


Flat UI Kit 2 for Blog layouts

Riki Tanone's Flat UI kit 2

Created by Riki Tanone, this UI kit provides flat design elements for blog layouts – including post editor, post list, calendar, meta boxes and other useful widget boxes.


Flat UI Kit by Devin Schulz

Devin Schulz's Flat UI Kit

Designed by Devin Schulz, this kit provides you the basic as well as some advance elements for flat design. Also suitable for blogs and magazine layouts.


Flat UI Kit 1 by Riki Tanone

Riki Tanone's Flat UI kit

A simple one that covers some basic design elements ideal for simple blog layouts.


Featherweight UI

Featherweight UI

Another perfect, I should say one of the best UI kits for blog and magazine based layout designers, consisting of a good number UI elements to work with.


Flat UI Kit

Sebastiaan Scheer's Flat UI Kit

A very simple but beautiful UI kit designed by Sebastiaan Scheer that provides basic design elements like calendar, login, weather, gradient, button, video and couple of more widget boxes.


UI Kit by Hüseyin Yilmaz

Hüseyin Yilmaz's UI Kit

Another simple, clean Flat UI kit by Hüseyin Yilmaz.


UI Kit by Jamie Syke

Jamie Syke's UI kit

A beautifully done kit by Jamie Syke, carrying basic design elements with rounded corners.


Flat Beach GUI

Flat Beach GUI

A fantastic beach theme UI designed by Mike Clarke with shades of blue, green, pink and violet.


Flat UI Kit by Zachary VanDeHey

Zachary VanDeHey's Flat UI Kit

A bold one by Zachary VanDeHey consisting of a good number of sliders, buttons, badges, icons and other utility boxes.


Responsive UI Kit

Responsive UI kit

Not responsive actually, as it comes in PSD format only. The author has named this kit as responsive, that carries mono-colored UI with a good number of UI elements.


Flat UI kit by Tempee

Tempees' Flat UI kit

A very simple kit with some commonly used design elements, designed by Tempee.


Eerste Flat UI

Eerste's Flat UI kit

A great UI bundle compiled of beautiful buttons, badges, widget boxes, pagination, navigation and even some blog layout elements as well.


Metro UI Kit

Tempees' Metro UI kit

One more by Tempees, a bold, colorful kit based on Metro UI with good number of design elements.


UI Kit by Abhimanyu Rana

Abhimanyu Rana's UI kit

A colorful kit with a few but nicely designed UI assets including news ticker, profile widget box, video player, sign in panel, tweet box, some social media buttons and a weather widget.


Flat UI kit by Andy Law

Andy Law's Flat UI kit

Designed simple and clean by Andy, the kit consists of a variety of commonly used UI elements for minimalistic web layouts.


UI Kit by Piotr Kwiatkowski

Piotr Kwiatkowski's UI Kit

Vibrant, bold and colorful work by Piotr, comprising of a ticker box, analytic or graph widget, a slider, a map based widget, along with a search box and cart summary table.


Simple & Bold UI Kit

Gentian Edwards' Simple & Bold UI Kit

Designed by Gentian Edwards, an awesome kit with fairly good number of UI elements like buttons with states, news feed, list menu, sign in panel, calendar, different navigation menus, search bar, icons, video-audio player and much more.