5 Best Free Themes for your Ghost-based blog

Collection of some best free themes for Ghost blogging platform that can be used to change the look and feel of your blog.

Ghost is the brand new blogging platform that is meant for pure blogging. We all knew WordPress as the most popular way to run a pro blog, but the team at Ghost says that WordPress has advanced to website publishing by leaving blogging far behind.

Ghost is available to a limited number of users right now, as the team is working hard to make it available to the public. The new Ghost blogs come with a pre-installed theme called Casper.

If you’re looking to change the look and feel of your new blog at Ghost, you may use free Ghost themes that to make your blog look better without paying a dime. The good thing is that all these themes are clean, minimalistic (clutter-free), and responsive (optimized for mobile view) – carrying modern blog design with no wide sidebars.


Ghostbacker Ghost Theme

Designed by Polygonix, it’s a theme that makes the front end look of your Ghost blog just like the post editor in back end.

Demo Screenshot Download Ghostbacker


Ghostwriter Ghost Theme

It’s designed by JollyGoodThemes, and is my favorite one in the list. It’s an AJAX driven theme for Ghost, that looks very neat, simple with good highlight of design elements.

Demo Download Ghostwriter


Linen Ghost Theme

Clean and simple theme Linen is designed by ThemeSpectre, which is also featuring some premium themes on Ghost.


The Classy

The Classy Ghost Theme

Another very simple theme by ThemeSpectre, perfect for writers who blog on Ghost.

Demo Download The Classy


N-Coded Ghost theme

It’s a GitHub homage theme for the Ghost Blogging platform. Designed by Polygonix, it is a derived (or forked) version of the default Ghost theme Casper.

Download N-Coded

Tell us which one is your favorite from the list? Also let us know more resources on Ghost if you know any. We’ll keep you posted on more free themes for Ghost platform.