10+ Best Things to Include In Your Logo Design

A detailed infographic that covers 10+ best practices logo designers should follow to create stunningly professional logos.

As a creative person, you love to hone in on an artistic project—sometimes to the point that you forget about other important things. It’s easy to let yourself hole up in the studio and avoid the business side of design.

But the reality is that—if you’re running a design business or even thinking about starting one—you need to have some branding in place to help your business reach its full potential. After all, you’ll have more opportunities to create amazing designs once people recognize and trust your brand enough to hire you.

Making a logo for your business is one of the best ways to catch people’s attention. A good logo design sets you apart from the rest of your industry; clients can use it to recognize your work any time, any place.

This great visual resource reveals the 10+ traits your logo needs to succeed. It’s brought to you by the logo designers at CompanyFolders.com, a print firm with years of logo design experience. Read on to learn what your logo needs to succeed.

Perfect Logo Design Infographic