Edit multiple Text layers in Photoshop

In this short tutorial, you will be learning how to edit multiple text / type layers in Photoshop. Sometimes we have lots of text layers inside the Layers panel and want to make a common change to a bunch of layers. You may also have experienced this while working with text layers.

Most of the people choose to edit all those layers one by one which is a big pain but you can easily change multiple text layers at once inside Photoshop. Let’s learn how to do that.


The Text Layers

Here, we have five type or text layers with orange font color assigned to the text. Let’s assume; we want to make some changes to these layers such as their font size and font color.


Selecting the Text Layers

Select the text layers that you want to edit. I am selecting all of the five layers as I want to edit all of them.

After selecting the layers, go to Window > Character to bring up the Character panel.


Editing the Text Layers

Now, you can make changes to the selected text layers by manipulating the text options given inside the Character panel.

There is another trick to access type options without using the Character Panel. Let’s try it in the next step.


Accessing Type Options from Option bar

Close the Character panel for now and make the selection of the text layers that you want to edit. Now, select the Horizontal Type tool from the toolbar or press T on your keyboard to activate it.

Notice, type options are now available on the Option bar and you can use them directly from the Option bar.

I hope you find this tip helpful and have learned something new from it. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Thanks!