Alternative Google Fonts to Museo Sans

Some free alternative typefaces for the premium font Museo Sans, handpicked from Google Fonts library and a few more places.

Museo Sans is yet another popular typeface that you might have seen as a Webfont on some websites. Not as well-known as Proxima Nova Alternatives, but still it does provides an excellent reading experience.

Museo Sans by Exljbris

Created by Exljbris, Museo Sans is highly legible OpenType font that comes with 10 styles including 5 weights with italics. It is based on Museo typeface, an early work from the same creator.

Here are some alternatives fonts to Museo Sans, handpicked from Google Fonts Library, and a couple of more places on the web. The fonts below may not appear exactly like the original, but carry close resemblance.

Free Alternatives

  1. Raleway

    Its a Google Webfont, and looks quite similar to Museo Sans. The key difference between this and Museo Sans is that it doesn’t contain slabs in the characters like I, J etc.

    Take a look at the specimen screenshot of the typeface:

    Raleway Google Font
  2. Montserrat

    Another Google Font, it is a little bit thicker than Museo Sans, but can be quite useful in the bold typography for headlines and titles.

    Montserrat Google Font
  3. Muli

    Muli can be used as the normalized version of Museo Sans as it is least similar in resemblance.

    Muli Google Font

Premium Alternatives

Pluto Sans

Pluto Sans can be used as a premium substitute of Museo Sans. It slightly differs from it in the slabs and weights.

In case you are not satisfied with the free fonts mentioned above, you may consider purchasing a usage license of Museo Sans.

Museo Sans at MyFonts