25+ Best Photoshop Christmas Brushes for Holiday Season

A decent collection of 25+ great Christmas brush sets for Photoshop, containing 400+ different brushes that can be used to create elegant Christmas designs.

Holiday season is here and Christmas is near. These days we all are busy decorating home, wrapping gifts and creating cards and stuff to greet our dear ones.

Many people love to create handmade cards as they are fond of doing crafty stuff. If you are one of those people and want to create a cool looking, elegant Christmas card by yourself then you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or a great illustrator with sharp skills. All you need is basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and let these awesome brushes do the rest.

The brushes in this collection are made available by other artists and designers that will help you create a nice and pleasant design to hold your greetings.
Go through this list of brushes and get the ones you think should work for your designs.

  1. Christmas Doodles

    Christmas Doodles Brushes

    This is set contains 12 awesome Christmas brushes with scribble effect applied. If you want to add some hand drawn graphics effects to your cards and posters then these brushes would be a great help.


  2. Christmas Titles and Cliparts

    Christmas Labelled Cliparts

    A set of 21 cute looking images tagged with proper titles as Photoshop brushes. You can use them to create a simple background for your designs.


  3. Cute Christmas Brushes with Fabric Texture

    Cute Christmas Brush Set

    This set has 15 fancy looking brushes, each with a nice flat fabric texture and stitching effect. These brushes can add nice and interesting patterned theme while maintaining the simplicity of the design. If you like using patterns graphics in you designs then you may use these nice and simple brushes.


  4. Christmas Corners

    Christmas Corner Brushes

    This set has 23 corner brushes that you can use to decorate the sides of your design or Christmas greeting cards. Each corner brush contains different elements of Christmas such as ilex leaves, bells, snowflakes etc. and has a unique pattern so you can easily choose the one that suits your design better.


  5. Misc Christmas Elements

    Misc Christmas Brushes

    A cool set of 24 brushes contains different types of Christmas elements like stars, bells, twigs, ilex and of course, some awesome Christmas trees.


  6. Hello Kitty Christmas Brushes

    Hello Kitty Christmas Brushes

    This cute set contains a good number of Christmas brushes with a popular cartoon character hello kitty. Using these awesome set of brushes will surely add lots of cuteness to your greetings.


  1. Snowflakes

    Christmas Snowflakes Brushes

    Add some snow to your designs with this set of 35 awesome snowflake brushes. You can use these unique brushes to add some variations to the background elements of your designs.


  2. Christmas Silhouette Brushes

    Christmas Silhouette Brushes

    This set contains 11 nice silhouette images of snowflakes with different shapes and sizes, Christmas trees, Santa and other Christmas ornaments.


  3. Christmas Trees Brush Set

    Christmas Trees Brush Set

    A simple yet amazing set that contains 14 brushes of different types of Christmas trees. You can use them to add some cartoony look to your design.


  4. Handmade Christmas Brushes

    Handmade Christmas Brushes

    Another cool set with lots of misc Christmas brushes. These brushes are the line art illustration of the Christmas decorations, trees bells etc. and are purely handmade.


  5. Christmas Stamps

    Christmas Stamps Brushes

    Awesome set of 13 hi-res, Christmas stamps brushes. If you want to achieve postcard like effects then you should use this amazing set in your creations.


  6. Santa Claus Brushes

    Santa Claus Brush Set

    Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus, so this set is dedicated to Santa with 6 Santa Claus brushes to add more laugh and happiness to your designs.


  7. Misc Xmas Elements

    Misc Xmas Elements Brushes

    Set of 25 awesome brushes containing nice swirly lines, stylized Christmas trees, jingle bells and other Christmas ornaments. A Great set to create a fancy looking design.


  8. Christmas Titles

    Christmas Titles Brushes

    A set of 20 high-res title brushes to add nice and decorative titles to your designs.


  9. Xmas Stamps

    Xmas Stamps Brushes

    This awesome set is neatly designed and contains total of 44 professional looking Christmas stamp brushes. You can find almost all kinds of Christmas elements in this set.


  10. Christmas Trees

    Christmas Trees Brushes

    Set of 8 Christmas trees you may give a try if you want to use add stylized Christmas trees rather than using regular graphics.


  11. Christmas Pine

    Christmas Pine Brushes

    A set with 49 pine branches as Photoshop brushes to be used as an art element for your greeting cards and designs.


  12. Christmas Cheer Brushes

    Christmas Cheer Brushes

    An awesome set with 10 great brushes like jingle bells, snow man, Christmas tree and decorative borders. All the cliparts used by the creator of this set have been taken from an old software called Print Master.


  13. Xmas Trees Brushes

    Xmas Tree Brushes

    This brush set contains 7 unique brushes of Christmas tree. Each brush has been nicely hand drawn by the creator.


  14. Christmas Grasses

    Christmas Grasses Brushes

    This set contains 15 awesome Christmas grass and branches as brushes. You can scatter them over the borders using Photoshop brush’s scattering option to create nice looking frames.


  15. Misc X-mas Elements

    Christmas Brush Set

    36 nice looking brushes in this set with different types of snowflakes, Christmas tree, a vintage moon and other Christmas decorations.


  16. Christmas Cookies

    Christmas Cookies Brushes

    Add more sweetness to your designs with this set having 13 delicious Christmas cookies as Photoshop brushes.


  17. Wavy Christmas Alphabets

    Wavy Christmas Alphabets

    This set contains 9 nice and wavy alphabets brushes to add a wavy looking “Merry Christmas” title to your creations.


  18. Misc Christmas Brushes

    Misc Christmas Elements

    A set of 40 brushes of misc Christmas elements. Most of the brushes in this set have been made by using actual images of the Christmas stuff and very few are manually drawn.


  19. Christmas Elements Brush Set

    Christmas Elements Brushes

    A cool set of 4 great brushes with very simple and flat graphics. These brushes are ideal for those who love to create really simple and minimalist designs.


  20. Christmas Decorations

    Christmas Decorations Brushes

    This set contains brushes with 9 different types of Christmas decorations. All the 9 brushes have been made by extracting these ornaments from photographs.


That’s all folks, I hope you like these brushes. If you are using any of these brushes for online purposes, don’t forget to give credits to the creator. Have fun with designing, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you! :)