Alternative Google Font to Proxima Nova & Gotham

Free alternative font to premium typefaces Proxima Nova and Gotham – available to be used as you like (open source) – courtesy Google Fonts library.

I fell in love with this typeface called Proxima Nova the same day when I saw it on a website using it as web font. It has amazing readability and rendering on and off the web. You have to purchase a license from any of the popular font services to use it. See it’s online preview.

Preview Proxima Nova
Preview Proxima Nova at MyFonts

Another typeface that looks quite similar to Proxima Nova is Gotham, which is a premium font as well. Both of them appear almost the same, however people on web use the former the most.

A great increase in web font usage is brought up by the great Google font library. People often search for alternative for premium fonts up there, because they don’t have to pay anything to use fonts with it.

Proxima Nova and Gotham, both are expensive typefaces. If you’re looking to use any of these fonts on your sites, a free alternative font can be great help if you have a non-profit website or a small budget project. But the question is: is there any Google font that looks like these two premium fonts? Yes!

Montserrat: Alternative to Proxima Nova / Gotham

Julieta Ulanovsky created Montserrat inspired from the old posters and signs in the Montserrat territory and provided it as an Open source font.

Montserrat Google Font
Preview of Montserrat Google Font

Below is a side-by-side comparison of both the original (Proxima Nova) and the alternative (Montserrat) in the below screen capture:

Proxima Nova vs Montserrat
Proxima Nova vs Montserrat

See Montserrat at Google fonts library or consider buying a license of Proxima Nova in case you’re not satisfied with the alternative.

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