How to: Record Brush Properties as Action in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to record Brush panel options or brush properties as action. If you have ever tried to record the brush parameters such as Scattering, Spacing, Angle etc. then you may already know that they are some of those options that Photoshop ignores during action recording.

Let’s say you want to record your painting process as an action and after painting some stuff you want to use a brush having spacing, angle, opacity or other parameters of your choice but you find out that Photoshop doesn’t support recording of such attributes.
What to do now? Well, you can still get them into your actions with the help of this simple trick.

Step 1

Press F5 button to bring up the Brush panel. Here, you can find and modify the brush parameters. Select a brush and alter its settings to get a new variation of the brush.

Brush Properties

Here, I have a brush with Roundness value set to 25%, Scattering set to 50% and Angle Jitter to 100%. Let’s say, we want to use these settings during recording Actions. In order to do that, we have to save it as a new brush preset.

Go ahead and click on the small arrow icon present at the top-right corner of the Brush panel. Select New Brush Preset… option from the flyout menu.

A Brush Name dialog will pop up asking for a name of your brush. Give it a name if you want and hit OK to save a new brush preset with current attributes as its default settings.

Step 2

Press F9 to bring up the Action panel and click on Create New Action button to create a new action. Click Record button on the New Action pop-up to start the recording.

Loading the Brush Preset

Let’s go to Windows » Brush Presets and select the brush that we just saved. Since, the brush has all those parameters that we want to record as its defaults settings, we can now easily get them into recording.

I hope you like this short tip. See you soon with some more tutorials. Thanks!