20+ Awesome Resort & Restaurant Blogger Templates

Showcase of some fantastic Resort and Restaurant Templates for Blogger you should use on your Restaurant, Hotel or Resort blog.

Blogger platform is used by millions of people around the web for blogging – many use it casually to post misc and personal stuff, but if you are the one who want his or her Blogger blog look more professional, appealing, and niche-specific.

Its true that publishing quality content is the best thing you can do to make your blog more pro and closer to niche, but a perfect blog layout is something that you need to best complement it.

Blogger blogs basically need a template for the layout thing, and generally we call them as Blogger templates. If you feature a resort or restaurant blog site, but the template makes it appear like a personal blog – you should change it RIGHT NOW and switch to a better one that suits its nature and category.

This post is a roundup of some hand-picked fantastic Blogger templates for Restaurant, Hotel and Resort blogs, along with the preview and the download links attached. So, pick your favorite one and deploy it right away!

The Showcase

  1. Delicacy
    Delicacy Blogger Template
  2. Pastry Lover
    Pastry Lover Blogger Templates
  3. Yo Koffee!
    Yo Koffee Blogger Templates
  4. Italian Food
    Italian Food Blogger Templates
  5. Golden Match
    Golden Match Blogger Templates
  6. Terrific Taste
    Terrific Taste Blogger Templates
  7. Food Lottery
    Food Lottery Blogger Template
  8. Organic Food
    Organic Food Blogger Templates
  9. Pizza
    Pizza Blogger Templates
  10. My Recipe
    My Recipe Blogger Templates
  11. iRestaurant
    iRestaurant Blogger Templates
  12. Latte Blogger
    Latte Blogger Template
  13. Culinary
    Culinary Blogger Templates
  14. Fruit
    Fruit Blogger Templates
  15. Delicious Food
    Delicious Food Blogger Template
  16. Recipe
    Recipes Blogger Templates
  17. Breakfast
    Breakfast Blogger Templates
  18. Kaffee
    Kaffee Blogger Templates
  19. Spanning
    Spanning Blogger Templates
  20. iRecipes
    iRecipes Blogger Templates
  21. Cake Recipes
    Cake Recipes Blogger Templates
  22. Fresh
    Fresh Blogger Templates

If you don’t know how to deploy a new template to your blog, read the official Advanced template tips at Blogger Help.