How to link a vertex to an object in 3ds max?

A tutorial to show how to link a vertex or any other sub-object component to an object (Mesh, Helper or Spline object) in 3ds max.

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to link a vertex to an object in 3ds max. Sometime we want a vertex or any other sub-object to be controlled by any other object. For that purpose, we have to link the vertex to that object. It is one of the most common problems that beginners face. We generally use Select and Link tool to link objects together but it doesn’t work in the case of sub-object components. You can easily do it by using this technique. So let’s get started.

Here, is an example in which the vertices of the plane are being controlled by some point helpers.



Here, I have a Plane primitive on the scene. Right click anywhere on the viewport and convert it to the Editable Poly.



Now, we need an object or a helper that will serve as a control object for the vertex. I am using a point helper for this case. You can also use geometry, spline object or any other helper you want.

Step 3


Select the plane and apply a Poly Select modifier to it. Go to Vertex sub-object level and grab a vertex that you want to link. Here, I have a vertex selected with Soft Selection turned on.

Step 4


With the vertex selected, apply a Linked Xform modifier to it from the modifier list.

Step 5


Click on Pick Control Object button and pick the Point helper from the scene. That’s it. Now, whenever you will move the point helper, vertex will move along it.

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Stay tuned for more tutorials. Good luck.